Hinterste Mühle

Basically my layout is a total work in progress. As you can see from the photos, I tend to spend more time fiddling with cars and locomotives, than with scenery, but the scenery is slowly coming. The major goal of this project is not to finish but to have fun building stuff. Finishing it would of course the require destroying it so I could start over. Therefore I never finish it. You'll see my new train station, loosely modeled on the modern S-Bahn station in Aumühle near Hamburg. This is waiting for the Hübner Silberlinge to be delivered.

This year, as the Euro appreciates, and the DM has given way to the Teuro, I am working more on the buildings and stuff, so over the next few months I should have a lot more scenery to show here.

  • Gas Station - I rarely buy structures, because if I see something, I often feel like building it myself. From Saalbach's catalog, I built this small gas station:


  • Märklin control tower (5616) - It's very pretty. Only one small problem. It doesn't have enough clearance for ELoks. I had to build a new foundation for it to sit on so that the pantographs on my ELoks don't bump into it.
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