Hbis-tt 293
Kalkkübelwagen Ok
Rills 255
Roos-t 645

My taste in trains is eclectic, and my layout has a random mixture of models of different periods, both cheap and expensive simply tied together by the fact that I happened to think they were cool.

On these pages I illustrate a few of my favorite wagons. A lot of my models have been extensively modified. I often replace the decoders, the couplings,wheels, add complete brakes, steps, handrails, signs, etc

In addition to the models with dedicated pages, some of my other projects include:
  • Sdgkmss 707 - The Maxi 54760 proved easy to rebuild into a fairly accurate model by adding the missing railings, hooks, valves, side bracing, and the ratchets where the container supports lock in.
  • Kalkdeckelwagen - Saalbach sells these for 1200 DM, but I built my own using a 54758 as a basis for about $70 total in parts including the MAXI chassis.
  • Kbs 443 - This is one of the original Märklin Gauge I models. Always annoyed by it being way too short, I lengthened it using parts from another model, added brakes, new couplings.
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