Hbis-tt 293
Kalkkübelwagen Ok
Rills 255
Roos-t 645

This is an unusual car designed for carrying chemicals to a fertilizer factory. Cars of this sort were normally used in unit trains in the Rhine area to carry iron ore. They are unloaded by having a crane lift one of the containers up by the hooks in the center, and then allowing it to pivot open like the scoop of a steam shovel, discharging its cargo. The prototype of this car was however used by a fertilizer factory, and hence would be not unusual to see by itself, rather than part of a huge consist of identical cars. The model is based on a kit from Schulz Modellbahnen. The kit provides the whole superstructure. The chasis is built from an old Märklin model that has been shortened and provided with the usual Huebner wheels, brakes, etc.

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