Kesselbauer 03
MOW Train


This train has an important role on my railroad. When I turn on the layout it first drives around everywhere cleaning the track. The track cleaning car, running behind the locomotive, is truly useful for this. This train also shows what I like to do with many of the models. Here is a summary of what I've done here:

  • V36: Loksound XL Decoder installed with prototypical sound (The V36 has a distinctive low-rpm motor which sounds like no other)
  • Track Cleaning Car: Hübner wheels, couplings, brakes, and routing slip box
  • Crane Boom Car: This is a different one from the one that came with the crane, chosen because it looked more realistic. I replaced the couplings and added brakes, as well as installing the crane support from the discarded Maxi model.
  • Crane Car: Hübner wheels and brakes, routing slip box, and lots of home made signs on the cab of the crane.

I mostly use the Hübner couplings because they let you couple closer than with the Märlin ones. I have gotten used to the realistic undersides of the Hübner models, so I now usually retrofit all new models with the Hübner brakes.

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