Kesselbauer 03
MOW Train

My taste in trains is eclectic, and my layout has a random mixture of models of different periods, both cheap and expensive simply tied together by the fact that I happened to think they were cool.

On these pages I illustrate a few of my lomotives. A lot of my models have been extensively modified. I often replace the decoders, the couplings,wheels, add various small parts, etc.

On these pages are some of my locomotive projects. In addition to the models with dedicated pages, some of my other projects include:
  • BR18.4 - The Maxi model got all new electronics, including ESU decoder, new lights including cab lighting. I also added the wooden extension to the top of the tender, properly painted the tubing below the cab red, and added the missing conduits underneath the walkway. There's a picture of it the home page.
  • E69 - The Maxi E69 is also a good candidate for supering. A new decoder, cab interior, more hoses and hardware on the chassis, some signs, and voila - a lovely model is made.
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