Hinterste Mühle

Hinterste Mühle is a teeny place between Stargard and Neubrandenburg. I picked it simply because it is a name that suggests a truly inconsequential spot. I found it by looking through Dumjahn's fine reprint of the Atlas der Eisenbahnen des Deutschen Reiches by W. Nietman from 1886. This book is always an interesting source of routes and place names from a time long gone.

I wanted another train station for some time, especially one for my really archaic trains to stop at. I was inspired by Lokführer Lukas' model of the Unterstand Moosbach. I thought to myself - I can do this! I then combined that idea with the elements I had lying around from the Maxi Horse Transport Set 54755. This was a true classic, besides the two freight cars it provided kits for the barn and the loading ramp, the horses, barrels, a fence, sacks and crates. This was one of my first models, but I had never painted it. It's too bad Märklin discontinued this, because it was really a fine package.

So now I got to work building the shelter, the bench, creating the base plate, planting a lawn, laying down cement, installing a drinking trough for the animals. Then some people showed up. You will note it's very much a stand alone module. But since I will probably be redoing the layout at some point, all my scenery projects are going to be stand-alone modules like this.



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