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  • General Concept

    I converted a dining room into a conventional layout which uses 1M curves. The mainline, built up of Hübner track with 2.7 meter curves goes through the living room on the carpet making a big loop around the furniture and under the piano. This way I have a landscaped layout of normal size, plus the running room to let even big trains run for a good long time and stay out of the station for a while. Plus one can startle people in the living room by sneaking up on them with a locomotive.

  • Construction

    The train station area is built on a plywood platform (3/4" plywood sitting on 4"*4" posts). In the living room the track runs on a roadbed made of 1/4" plywood. The track in the living room is in 5-6' sections so it can disassembled to clean the carpet, etc. The platform area is fixed.

    The system is divided into three areas, each driven by a booster and a transformer. I have a central power distribution panel where the transformers and boosters live. From these wires go out to three smaller panels, one for each area, where the decoders are mounted. Connections are made using terminal strips at the edges of these panels with screw connectors. A careful look at the track shows I have two reversing loops, which are managed electrically by the reversing circuit built into the Uhlenbrock boosters.

  • Track

    I used WinTrack 3.5 from ModellPlan to design the track. I chose that program because it knows about all the Hübner track. Here's what it looks like:


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