Roof Structures
Electrical Equipment



Paint & General

White on inside, floor is dark. Install thin strips on wall for mounting stuff on (U channels). Be sure and thin tubes for rolled up window shades above main windows.

Control Panel

Control panel is light blue. Make it out of paper. Print on instruments. On left panel, add yellow disk, red knob, black switches, black knows, and long black strips. Also add black disk on backing on top. Add phone made of black base (with two raised pieces) and a receiver (plastic with two pieces added and sanded as appropriate. Main section has small table with joystick, made up of pancakes, brake handles, yellow knobs, and a variety of sticks, knobs on backing, the key. Buttons should be glued on for relief. Make lamp from wire and plastic.


Make chair from sanded wood and cover with real cloth.


#1 partition has door (inscribed) with handle and hinges, as well as two rectangular sheets with switches on them.

Tool Area

Make a yellow plastic box, with front + thin strips painted silver, and a brown top. Add vise made from scrap plastic and wire. Add fuse box (white) with knobs and small plastic black box. On top add fuse boxes with blue/orange/yellow/white/red keys. Add black panel with black holders, a bunch of pipes (tubes) with fittings. Fire extinguisher (thick brown rod), red and black hose (wire). Gauges of plastic with printing. Hose ends a little yellow and then silver.

Seats etc

Across from (E) is a pair of seats facing Windows 3R with a table between them.
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