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Where do I find out more about Gauge 1 ?

  • Overviews
    • Spur I - The site describing all manufacturers, models, people and events having anything at all to do with Gauge I. Check it out!
    • Spur 1 Freunde Berlin - A club site with lots of nice pictures
    • Spur 1 Team Mosel - Another club site with pictures and lots of modeling advice
  • Discussion and Forums
  • Manufacturers (focusing on the widely distributed, actually affordable brands)
    • Märklin - The big Gauge 1 maker
    • Hübner - Complements Märklin by making all the stuff Märklin should but doesn't, like track in wide radii. Their stuff is fully compatible with Märklin. They have a nice web site that has their complete product line. You'll probably still want to write them and get their catalog.
    • Kiss - They used to make only expensive hand made models, but now are also making beautiful, relatively affordable all metal models like the BR23 and the BR50.
  • Dealers (New Equipment)
  • Used Stuff
    • bernhard paulus - The dealer for used Gauge 1 on the internet - how to get all the out of production stuff for reasonable prices
    • eBay - Internet Auction house. If you are careful you can get real good deals on Gauge 1 here. But be careful. Know how much it's supposed to cost, and don't pay more than that! That said, it's a great way to buy and sell stuff. I've done it myself and been very satisfied.
  • Software
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