Roof Structures
Electrical Equipment

Building Your HIOB

The very first thing to do is to print out all the parts from parts.zip on to photoquality stock using best quality. These will then get glued onto thin cardboard or plastic and cut out to generate most of the major flat parts of the HIOB.

Parts Required

Category Items
Paint Yellow, black, white, grey, red
Sheet 1/16", very thin, 1/32, scored, clear
Strip 1/8" square,1/16" flat, 3/32" flat, 1/16" square,1/8" not so thin,
Rod Very thin, 1/16" round,
Tube 1/8",1/4"+inside+inside,3/32"+, ",
Metal 1/16", 1/8", 3/32" rods
Other Steps,decoder, speaker, brake lines, red/black wire, red foil, leds, balsa wood, thin wires

Order of Assembly

The chassis and the body should be built first. The interior and the roof structures can be built next and integrated with the chassis and body. The body needs to be built with its electrical components in place. The power and control systems can be added to the chassis last. When all finished the model is made of the body, with the roof structures glued to it, and the chassis with interior and decoder/speaker on top, and trucks underneath. The two are only loosely connected via electrical connections.

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