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When you enter our house the first thing you see are the yards and yards of track going this way and that. These pages are dedicated to the obscure and wonderful world of Gauge 1 Model Railroads.

  • What is Gauge 1 ? This means 1:32 prototypically accurate model railroads. Not to be confused with G Scale (= IIm) which is narrow gauge II run on the same width of track as Gauge 1 in a 1:22.5 scale. A lot of American Gauge 1 (like Aristocraft) is really 1:29 . Gauge 1 is mostly focused on German and Swiss prototypes, and most of the producers, dealers, and enthusiasts are in German speaking places. But on these pages we'll look at it from the stand point of an American hobbyist who happens to like German prototypes. (Also 6000 foot long American freight trains are a bit silly in 1:32. Do the Math.)
  • Why is Gauge 1 Cool ? It's BIG. Trains rumble and grumble like the real thing. You can hear couplings compress. It's detailed. Also unlike the more popular scales, it's not just a few big companies with standard products, instead there are lots of small, family businesses involved. Plus it's a good family hobby. I can run my prototypical big trains. And my daughter can play with the people and the animals.
  • Why is Gauge 1 so obscure in America ? Because Märklin is doing a terrible job of marketing it. G scale does great in America - houses and gardens are large, the weather's nice, there's certainly room for it. In Germany Gauge I has become a lot more popular lately. For a long time Märklin was the only game in town, but lately Hübner and Kiss have lots of great new models, and even Märklin has gotten their act together. With all these beautiful models and accessories, Gauge I has become a more attractive hobby than ever!
  • These pages describe my layout and give a bit of an overview of Gauge I. Happy browsing!


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