Kesselbauer 03
MOW Train

The G3/G4 was the GP9 of late 19th century Germany. Thousands were built and they lasted into the 1930s. This one was built around 1880 and is shown circa 1905. This illustrates what one can do using a MAXI model as a basis. The MAXI model was fortunately the right size and has the right colors. The cab was totally changed with a new roof, support pillars, windows, window glass, whistle and instruments. In addition, I've added numerous pipes, grips, signs, wheel covers, sand pipes, real coal in the tender, tender hooks, and moved the last dome back. It's also got the 54590 sound effect tender and the 60955 high efficiency decoder. Notice that locomotives from this era were never really standardized, and no two were quite the same. The beautiful reconstruction in the Nürnberg museum is composite, and I took the same approach combining details from photos of different engines, depending on where I could make out details of different parts of the engine.

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