Roof Structures
Electrical Equipment

Digital Control


ESU Decoder type G2000 mounted behind door to workroom


ESU Speaker mounted at back of workroom before door. There are perforations for it drilled in floor of car.


Note that only the searchlights at the ends work. The searchlights on the platforms are nonfunctional.
  • Sound on/off
  • Whistle 1
  • Whistle 2
  • Bell
  • Acc on/off
  • Light on/off
  • Interior light
  • Searchlights

Electrical Systems

Wires from searchlights run down in conduits at corners. Wires from center headlight spread out to conduits too. Wires from main headlights are hidden behind control panel. All goes underneath, and run along centerline, alongside frame. Fed back up into machine room, and connected to decoder. The 10 wires from these lights combined into 3 underneath. Interior lighting is done with two bulbs mounted on ceiling a little back from the doors/windows. Their wires run along ceiling till they drop into machine room. Decoder and speakers are locally coupled. Two 4-pairs cables run to the trucks.

Trucks and Motors

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